Friday 20th - Saturday 28th January 2023

Master Drawings New York 2023

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A Journey through Europe: Sculpture from the 17th to the 19th Century with a Special Selection of Works in Terracotta

Stuart Lochhead Sculpture is pleased to announce its participation for the fifth year in a row to Master Drawings New York. The gallery will present a carefully curated showcase of sculptures from France, Italy, Germany and England, from the 17th to the 19th century.

A display of important works in terracotta will accompany the viewer on a visual journey across time and geographical areas: from a rare model of Christ at the Column by the Baroque master Filippo Parodi – Bernini’s heir in Genoa – through the intimate and allegorical works of Jean-Louis and Jean-Baptiste II Lemoyne in eighteenth-century Paris, the portrait of an important French Revolutionary by Joseph Chinard in Lyon and, finally, to the painted Bust of a Young Girl, executed by Conrad Dressler in London in 1891. These wonderful objects testify to the intimate relationship between artists and clay, employed to produce first sketches, highly polished preparatory models for larger sculptures, or finished works in their own right.

A display of works in plaster, wood and bronze, including a rare, large cast after Canova’s monumental composition Hercules and Lichas (1795-1815), further allows to reflect on the richness of materials, as well as the changes in style, taste and techniques that characterise the unique artistic experience of the European continent between 1600 and 1900.

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