Monday 10th to Sunday 16th October 2022

Marmorabilia - works by Blandine Chambost

Stuart Lochhead Sculpture is proud to present recent work by Blandine Chambost, who is exhibiting for the first time in the UK. Marmorabilia is a sentimental journey through ancient and modern Italy, excavating the depths of stone, paper and the stuff memories are made on. In her latest collage series the artist explores layers of civilisation and remembrance, digging into a personal archive with emotional and material tools. She developed new techniques along the way and added a sculptural dimension to her works, thus engaging in a dialogue with marble and photography, surface and depth.

Coinciding with PAD London the exhibition will include an onyx plinth designed by Edo Mapelli Mozi, founder of London-based Banda Property, and the fruit of Blandine Chambost’s collaboration with French design studio Néolithique. Stuart Lochhead Sculpture will also have on display sculptures from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

Retrouver l’Italie (Rediscovering Italy)

This new series of collages reworks photographs from the 1950s in L’Italie et ses merveilles (Italy and its Marvels) published by Hachette in 1960. Each original print was cut out and inlaid with marbled paper, in the manner of pietra dura*. Some compositions are highlighted with fragments of paper gilded with a brush in a variety of golden tones.

The Retrouver l’Italie series was initiated in the summer 2021, as the artist, meandering through the family library, went on a virtual journey, collecting images and antique papers from the shelves. She took the series further in 2022, working on both sides of the original printed pages and shifting from geometric to organic forms. She ventured into the field of sculpture, imagining marble stands to give extra texture and depth to her compositions.

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